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more about danton

According to the complaint, he told the girl he was dating that someone was coming down from Canada to kill him over a money debt, and did she know anyone who he could hire to kill the hitman? So she called someone she knew, put him in touch with Danton, and Danton offered him $10k. Then told him where his apartment was, and said he should kill the guy to make it look like he was caught trying to break into danton's. And the guy he was offering money to said, on tape, "What you're asking me to do is to go to your place now, or tomorrow, and take care of this before you get home, correct?" and Danton said "yeah." (That was Wed. night.)

They (girlfriend and hired killer) get to the apartment, the guard calls up to see if Danton wants to let them in (he was in San Jose at the time) and someone comes out of Danton's place and says he's MIKE'S DAD

Copied from the complaint: the acquaintance ("father") was interviewed and stated that he and DANTON had a severe argument on tuesday april 13, 2005, concerning DANTON'S promiscuity and use of alcohol. DANTON is a hockey player for the St Louis Blues. DANTON begged the acquaintance not to go to the general manager of the blues hockey organisation and ruin his career. The acquaintance threatened to leave DANTON.

The acquaintance called DANTON and asked DANTON why he wanted to have him killed. DANTON broke down and sobbed. DANTON explained that he felt backed into a corner and also felt that the acquaintance was going to leave him DANTON did not want to allow the acquaintance to leave him, therefore decided to have him murdered.
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