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Blues Report Card: 2003-04 Season

When Blues general manager Larry Pleau fired coach Joel Quenneville, one of the things for which Pleau criticized his team was not giving a second or third effort.

In the Post-Dispatch's season-ending grades, we rate the players for their effort in the regular season and their effort in the postseason, with an extra grade for those who significantly raised their play in the postseason (marked with " * " by the player's name). Players are graded on a scale of one to five, with five being the best.

(First number grade is regular season, second is postseason)


Chris Osgood (4, 3)

Comment: Brilliant at times, ordinary at others; couldn't steal a win in playoffs.

Reinhard Divis (3, n/a)

Comment: Play in minors made Brent Johnson expendable; looked dependable in limited time.


Chris Pronger (5, 3)

Comment: Starred like a Norris candidate in regular season; didn't dominate games in playoffs.

* Murray Baron (3, 4)

Comment: Steady, unspectacular play in regular season; became more of a factor in postseason.

Eric Weinrich (4, 3)

Comment: Veteran rescued injury-depleted defense with sturdiness, verve on both ends.

* Bryce Salvador (3, 4)

Comment: Bothered by wrist injury at times, played his best at end of season.

Christian Backman (4, 3)

Comment: Impressive debut for slick rookie; heir apparent to blue- line offense.

Jeff Finley (2, n/a)

Comment: Shoulder injury limited his effectiveness in second half of season.

Matt Walker (2, 2)

Comment: Sore groin delayed start of season; played aggressively when given chance.

Alexander Khavanov (2, n/a)

Comment: Disappointing season was plagued by injuries; had late offensive burst.


Keith Tkachuk (4, 2)

Comment: Most dangerous offensive player in regular season; little impact in playoffs.

* Doug Weight (3, 5)

Comment: Had long stretches of ineffectiveness in season, but sparkled in playoffs.

Pavol Demitra (3, 1)

Comment: Disappointing season leaves future with Blues in doubt; 35- point decline from previous season.

Scott Mellanby (2, 2)

Comment: Began to look his age, and injuries didn't help. Retirement seems likely.

* Mike Sillinger (4, 5)

Comment: Late-season acquisition's offensive performance in playoffs was a plus.

* Dallas Drake (5, 5)

Comment: Gritty plugger has the bumps, bruises and missing teeth to prove his purple-heart mettle.

Brian Savage (2, 2)

Comment: Streaky scorer never got hot as a Blue - spurts, no streaks; costly on defense.

Petr Cajanek (2, 3)

Comment: In his second season, play dropped off noticeably; went 38 games without goal in one stretch.

Jamal Mayers (3, 3)

Comment: Didn't regain promise of past season, picked up speed, production late.

Mike Danton (3, 2)

Comment: Capably filled pest role; arrest last week puts career in doubt.

Mark Rycroft (4, 2)

Comment: Consistent, aggressive play stood out; injury limited time in playoffs.

Steve Martins (2, n/a)

Comment: Good guy earned few chances; mistake cost him ice time down the stretch.

Pascal Rheaume (2, 1)

Comment: Waiver pick provided depth, but couldn't carve regular niche in lineup

Eric Boguniecki (1, n/a)

Comment: Injuries limited him to 27 games; never got into groove.

Injured: Al MacInnis, Barret Jackman.
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